Saturday, August 3, 2013

Song of the Shaman - Annette Leach


Annette Leach weaves a tale that is part fanciful and completely intriguing. Sheri Lambert is a single mother raising a most unusual child. "Zig", as he is called, spins stories about Indians native to Panama, with details seemingly impossible for the young boy to know. Insistent that the stories are real and he used to be a shaman in his past life, his mother and school teachers are at a loss as to how they should deal with him.

From a forbidden love hundreds of years ago to a young boy in present day, Ms. Leach successfully crosses the centuries bringing the readers along with ease. This novel makes one ponder the possibility of past lives and think harder about deja vu.

An intricate story told in a simplistic way. I look forward to reading more of Annette Leach's work.